Uwroteit.com is the ultimate social media site that brings the unlimited resources and possibilites that become available by bringing people from all walks of life and industry together.


Our mission

Uwroteit.com's is a social media site dedicated to rewarding its members for their creativity and their talent. The new site is meant to be a never ending talent search for inventors, musicians, singers, models, writers, artists of all types, and talented people in general to display their talents and most importantly win money and gifts to help them further develop and explore those talents.

Express yourself while building your portfolio

Use Uwroteit.com as your platform to showcase yourself, but also earn money to keep doing the things you love


Benefits of subscription

We want to provide value to our members, so we charge a $3/month fee which pays for prizes and other benefits.

Earn money

Prizes will be given out to those who earn the most votes, and the amount is only capped by the amount of members!!

Share your content

This site will allow the members of the site to upload writing (in the form of short stories, poems and or novels), pictures, or video.

Any talent welcome

If you think you have a talent with anything, we want you to have a place to showcase it and have a chance to make money doing what you love.

Help us grow a vibrant creative community!

Like any good social network, our platform thrives on the community. It's your ideas, your projects, and your talent that are showcased on the site, so naturally you should have a say in how its presented! Members recive a variety of benefits from joining, have the ability to vote for prize winners, and have a say in how the site functions and operates.


Would you like to know more?

We're constantly looking for prospective talent, as well as those who want to join our team. If you want to get connected, involved, or just want to be kept in the loop, subscribe to our mailing list to get updates about this project!

Planned benefits and features

We want to expand and grow with our community, here are somethings on their way after the Kickstarter!


In addition to the other benefits we have planned, we also want to provide scholarships for children. Parents and students over 13 can submit their talent samples similar to the rest of the site, and any prizes won will be deposited into a scholarship account.

Real world-facilities

We don't just want to provide an online service, but also provide real-world facilities that feature equipment for video production, recording, art, and other crafts. These sites will function similar to a makerspace or co-working space with the same spirit of the site.

Recruiting and Portfolio

Sharing your content on this site not only allows you to show off and participate in giveaways, but also lets you build up your portfolio and help recruiters and employers find you! Everyone should have a chance to be paid for their passion, and we want to help with that.

More contests

In addition to the general contests we hold based on user submissions and ratings, we also want to provide our members with different oppourtiunites. From product giveaways to editor's picks, we want to expand the ways you can win on our site.